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A litle bit about Paisley Petals

Do you remember what you were into in the 4th grade? I do. I was plucking flowers from my momʼs garden and turning them into flower arrangements, mostly for my grandmas. I remember at some point having to come to an agreement with Mom that I would only pick flowers from her garden after Iʼd asked her permission!

I have loved flowers for as long as I can remember. In high school, I worked at a local flower shop where my passion for the craft of flower arranging continued to grow. In college, friends started asking me to do the flowers for their weddings. Misty and Luke Jenkins were my first wedding clients. I am so grateful to them for seeing the talent in me that I was slow to recognize in myself. Their confidence in me gave me the confidence to begin pursuing a career in flowers, slow as the pursuit turned out to be!

After college, I struggled through a couple of different jobs with non-profits, but they were never quite the right fit. In May of 2007, more than seven years after Misty and Lukeʼs wedding, I quit my job and went full-time with Paisley Petals. These five years have been the best of my life. I understand how ridiculously blessed I am to have made a career out of my life-long passion, and I am so grateful. To my family, friends and clients-––thank you! Your confidence in me made my dream a possibility, and your tangible, day-to-day support continues to make it my reality!

Want to know more?

Paula Pritchard is wife to Eric, Mama to Aidan, sister, daughter, friend…. She is invested in her relationships and loves her small community. Paula lives with her sweet little family, surrounded by her awesome big family, nestled in the Cascade Foothills town of Enumclaw. Singing is her second passion, and she and Eric are both members of their churchʼs worship team. She also sings loudly in her car, prefers to eat with little forks, really enjoys big earrings and is somewhat (OK, a lot) terrified of sharks.

Paisley Petals was named in honor of Paulaʼs paternal grandparents who were originally from Paisley, Scotland.

Proud parents at our son's 2nd birthday!
Proud parents at our son's 2nd birthday!