Whoʼs getting married?


Whenʼs the big day?
What Venue have you chosen?
Do you have a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator?
About how many people do you think will be coming to celebrate with you?

Attendants (Bridal Party and Participants):
Other Family & Friends (only if you want them to have some type of personal flowers)

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How would you describe the overall look and feel youʼre envisioning for your
wedding &apm; reception? (for example: romantic, vintage, elegant, modern, sleek,
rustic, country, organic, lush, simple, etc. etc.)
Have you picked a color palette?
Ceremony Flowers
YesNo YesNo
YesNo YesNo
Reception Flowers
YesNo YesNo
YesNo YesNo
Approximate Wedding Flowers Budget
Best way to reach you to schedule a consult:
General days/times youʼre available for a consult:
General area youʼll be coming from (we usually pick a coffee shop in the middle to
meet up):